Gas Station WIP #08

Work In Progress / 19 January 2020

Hey everyone!

Almost wasn't going to post an update but I realised I shouldn't be too precious with my updates so I decided to go ahead anyway.

Most of the feedback had been about how new the concrete was around the gas station compared with everywhere else. As much as I knew that and was mainly focusing on other areas first, I realised I should prioritise it more because it was becoming too distracting as well as the fact it would make the biggest visual difference at the moment.

So the main changes I made with the concrete part was I made a vertex blend material with currently 4 layers (Base/Red/Green/Blue) It is currently set up as the base concrete, red as a grimey version of the concrete, green as a heavily cracked version of the concrete and finally blue as a wetness layer. it's all layered using a height blend with a mask texture. The wetness blue layer doesn't actually use any textures and simply darkens the base colour and darkens the roughness where ever it is painted but it works perfectly. Apart from that I added some grass to where the concrete is cracked to make it seem more overgrown. I actually used the grass I made for the shogun scene as there was no need redoing it. The grass isn't actually baked and I mainly threw it in at the moment so it isn't exactly perfect at the moment.

Sorry the picture is so small but I didn't exactly do anything that fancy (or neat haha) with it so I didn't think there was that much need to get into it. Let me know if you want a more indepth view of what I exactly did.

So onto the most important part, the pictures!





 I think there is definitely still some work to do with it, I think the grime should be a bit more obvious I think and with a better coverage as well as baking/finalising the grass.

Let me know what you guys think and I hope to see you back again next time!

Gas Station WIP #07

Work In Progress / 12 January 2020

Phew has it really been 6 months? Christ I have been busy haha Started my new job at Firesprite and it really filled my time even though I have enjoyed almost every minuite of it.

Every now and then when I had time I would do little bits towards finishing parts but now with the new year I am to try and dedicate myself to actually finishing it off so I will make sure it is not 6 months again till the next update haha

Anywho, here are some of the updates I have done so far:


The main additions were more probs to fill the scene some more, I have added a picture of a bunch of the new propping additions:

The next main step is to add even more propping especially to the gas station building area in particular, add some actual 3D grass to the sides, [ut in a car and most importantly add cracks, wear and tear to the gas station flooring.

Hopefully will see you again soon this time for the next update and as always let me know any feedback you might have!

Gas Station WIP #06

Work In Progress / 07 July 2019

Hi everyone!

Actually managed to get an update after just a week this time finally. Been hard at work on the actual building of the gas station.


As you can see I have created most of the shell for the building itself. It's a little too clean as it is now but I plan to go in with some decals to grunge it up a bit more. Decided to extend the windows down to the ground to make the trim make more sense but I am definitely glad I did because it meant I could add adverts on the bottom, which I feel add a lot of nice detail. Definitely happy with the broken glass helping to sell that this place has been abandoned though the refraction sometimes gets a little crazy so I will have to look into that. I am glad to have added the blinds so that they could block the most of the windows without it looking weird, If anything I think they only increase the creepy factor. Oh also you may have notice that I got rid of the big backboard to the sign, I felt it would prob look better if it was just a free standing sign now.



Main plan on what to work on next is create the main door, going to add some caution/warning tape over some of the building I think. Will be interested to see how that looks. Will be adding some ventalation stuff on the roof as well as adding the actual struts to the sign holding it up. Prob work on adding some of the grunge through decals then finally getting those last signs done. After that and from there it's mainly details like props and polishing so actually starting to get there.

Right well thats all for this week! Let me know what you think and anything you think can be improved

Gas Station WIP #05

Work In Progress / 30 June 2019

Hey Everyone!

I am just getting worse and worse at getting this out every week haha though to be fair I have been a very busy boy lately because I finally got a job in the game industry! Will be starting at Firesprite in just a couple of weeks so I am very excited :D

Any who onto the changes in the Gas Station:

as you can see I have tweaked the lighting again making it brighter. I keep struggling between feeling the scene is better darker or lighter. Lighter is less creepy but more clear and darker is the opposite. I think in reality visually recognising scenery matters more overall but it's something I think I will continue to struggle with further haha Please if anyone has some thoughts about this then please let me know.

Apart from this the main things you should be able to notice that is different is that there are finally proper chain fences around the area. For this I just created the body out of the trim textures and made two tiling textures. One is the typical loop style metal fencing and a barb wire strip for the top

 The other main thing as you can see is that I finally replaced those hideous placeholder greyblock trees with some actual trees. To be honest this was my first time with speedtree as I always made life harder on myself by manually modelling them but now I can see the appeal of speedtree and it's... well speed. I am definitely not 100% happy with it at the moment but it's a good start and a first pass to see the scene properly.

Well that is my progress so, I think the next thing I will tackle is the actual gas station building itself finally. This will prob take a bit but it's definitely the last major area still unfinished. After that I will prob finish the gas sign and price sign. From there it's adding details such as props with traffic cones, spare tires and touches like grass, cracks, grime, posters. Still got a bit to go but in reality not as much as I would expect.

See you guys next time and don't forget to tell me any comments or feedback!

Gas Station WIP #04

Work In Progress / 14 June 2019

Hey everyone!

Another late one haha been so busy lately that it's basically turned into a blog every milestone but that's not too bad as long as they don't get too far apart.

Big differences this time are the fact that I played around a lot more with the post processing and lighting to create a better scary atmosphere. I am much happier with how the mood is coming along now. Apart from that I finished a gas pump to put in the scene. Took a bit longer then I planned but I wanted to use this as a chance to do a real detailed prop.


Here are some of the gas pumps in the scene:

For the gas pumps I decided to go all in on substance painter, even though I could have easily made it with a trim and/or tiling textures but I wanted to take a chance to make a full detailed "hero" prop. It has definitely been fun and I have learnt a bunch of new painter techniques so worth it all around I think. It's very grimy and grungy but I did also want to stress through the prop that this is an abandoned gas station as well as it being rural, though hopefully I didn't go too far haha I have to say I have seen some ATM's and the like still in use, while not looking far off. It may look more grimey then its surroundings but worry not, I do plan to go in with decals and the like to grunge up the rest of it too more.

That's it for this update. Look forward to my next update including getting those darn tree's in the background fleshed out!

Let me know any comments or feedback. Look forward to seeing you all next time!

Gas Station WIP #03

Work In Progress / 02 June 2019

Hey everyone!

A week late at this point but I was pretty busy this week but some good progress has been made!

I finished the trim texture and used it to create the canopy for the gas station. The power of trim textures shines through that with that same material I was able to create the pillars for the canopy as well as the white and yellow safety rails. It is very likely that I will create more and more models with the same texture due to how reusable it is. 

I mocked up a simple gas station logo design but trust me, it is far from finalised haha It will prob change soon. As well as this I have messed with the atmosphere some more to create a more creepy feeling. I have done this by reducing the canopy lights, increasing fog, raising tree height and even adding a spooky ghost lady in the gas station. The ghost lady is a real early concept that I am not sure as of yet how to highlight it.

Right well I will see you all again next weekend to show off even more progress! Prob will have a gas pump by then.

Let me know what you think!

Gas Station WIP #02

Work In Progress / 19 May 2019

Hey Everyone!

I am back once again to show the progress I have made so far. The main parts I have done so far is a lot of the main road and started on working on the trim sheet for the main gas station canopy. One thing I forgot to mention before is that this scene is actually using Real Time Ray-Tracing thanks to the driver update allowing me to use it on my 1080 GTX

Here is the main camera angle image as well as a secondary one I have made, though I'm still not sure which I like more at the moment.

I have added road stripes by using deferred decals so I could make sure they were detailed as well as having more control over them, including on the gas station itself as markers for the cars refuelling.

For the road I have used a vertex painted material with 3 materials plugged in, with main material is a wet road with puddles in it.

The second material to paint is a dry variation of the road so that I can put it under objects that are around the road that would shelter the floor form the rainfall like the gas station canopy and streetlights. This detail might be a little over the top but if you can't go all out in a portfolio piece, then when can you? haha

  The last material is a mud material the same as the areas around the road so that I could simulate some grime getting on the edges of the road as well as some splatters generally about the main road itself.

Here is the full result of the layers on the road around the gas station.

You can also see the curb there that I made a trim sheet for. It might be a bit excessive having a sheet for just the curb but I wanted to make sure there wasn't any real noticeable repetition so I made 3 strips of it that tile horizontally to make sure of it.

Last thing of all I have worked on making a Trim sheet for the Gas Station canopy that should work easily enough for the whole canopy to be made for next week. The white paint is there so I can mask and repaint it using material instances in Unreal. I might do some work on it before next time as it might not tile perfectly yet but we will see.

That is it for this week! I plan to continue to give a more detailed breakdown in future updates as well. Tune back next week when I should have the canopy done and textured!

Let me know what you think and see you all next week.

Gas Station WIP #01

Work In Progress / 13 May 2019

Hey Everyone!

After a nice break after finishing the Shogun scene, I have started work on a new project! This time it is a moody and kinda creepy gas station out in the middle of nowhere. I would be lying if I said that this wasn't inspired by the recent Resident Evil 2 Remake opening, in fact I have opened up my copy and took a whole bunch of reference shots for my mood board. Despite this though, it definitely won't be just a remake of it, It's more reference for mood and general propping.

One of the things that I have realised in the past is that I haven't shown much of a breakdown of how I have done elements that I feel I should definitely start adding so expect that for the next update. I may go back and add a breakdown for previous projects too.

Now so far I have mainly just finished a blockmap for the scene, obviously note that nothing is in any way final, including lighting, camera angle and everything. I am happy with the general mood and layout so far so I'm looking forward to completing more.

That's it for this week, let me know what you think and I will see you all next week!

Shogun Challenge Extended #8

Work In Progress / 06 April 2019

Hey Everyone!

Feel like a big update this time, finished off the second building  is finished. I changed the brightness of the sky that was too light as well as changing the lighting overall for the main castle. The main castle balcony lights are bigger and brighter, there is snow at the ends of roofs as well as on some of the wood beams as well as changing the snow distribution currently on some elements already done, added more grime to the plaster walls to make them less pure white.

One of the last main things I have done is added some cherry blossom trees. I have very very little experience making tree's so I am happy with how they came out but at the same time I am having problems with the leaves being way way too dark. I have boosted the brightness of the textures to brighten it as well as have a light pointing at them to try and help too boost them. I have SS material on the leaves as well as edited to the normals but it hasn't helped too much. I will have to play around with some stuff and figure it out.

I think with luck, next weeks update shall be my last! Mainly just need to do the mountains really though I have no real experience in that field either so It might take a bit to get it all right. From there it's just making some other camera angles and a animation I think. Last big push!

I hope you enjoyed my update, let me know what you think with any crits or problems and I will see you next week!

Shogun Challenge Extended #7

Work In Progress / 31 March 2019

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I was pretty ill but I have had a lot of progress this week, so much so that I think I am fast approaching the end.

So as you can see I have made pretty much all of the main castle and I have started working on the second one. Mainly I need to finish of the second building roof as next priority. I have tried to make some kind of interior for second castle but I'm not so sure about it so I might go back on this. After this I want to make a couple of cherry blossom trees for behind the wall and then the mountains in the distance. After that I think its about done! 

I plan to create some extra camera angles at that point and an animation before calling it done. Might go back and improve on some stuff as well.

Well that's all for this week, stay tuned for next week as It might be the last!

let me know any comments or improvements to be made