Gas Station WIP #09

Work In Progress / 09 February 2020
Hey everyone! 

Finally time for another update haha did a couple of things since last time. The main one was I did some Marvelous Designer learning and utilised that knoledge to make some bin bags (garbage bags for you yanks I guess) as well as a canopy that goes over the front door.

Note that in the pictures that the grass is actually baked this time but the canopy is not so it might look different next time. (It takes a while to bake okay haha)



Here is some pictures of the props in a small showcase scene:

Next up will be an advertisment banner I want to add to the left window and a tarp covering an engine. This should finalise the stuff I need marvelous designer for this scene I imagine. Then it's on to grunging up the flooring outside the gas station building and a bunch more props.

Let me know if there is any feedback and I look forward to showing you more next time!