Gas Station WIP #03

Work In Progress / 02 June 2019

Hey everyone!

A week late at this point but I was pretty busy this week but some good progress has been made!

I finished the trim texture and used it to create the canopy for the gas station. The power of trim textures shines through that with that same material I was able to create the pillars for the canopy as well as the white and yellow safety rails. It is very likely that I will create more and more models with the same texture due to how reusable it is. 

I mocked up a simple gas station logo design but trust me, it is far from finalised haha It will prob change soon. As well as this I have messed with the atmosphere some more to create a more creepy feeling. I have done this by reducing the canopy lights, increasing fog, raising tree height and even adding a spooky ghost lady in the gas station. The ghost lady is a real early concept that I am not sure as of yet how to highlight it.

Right well I will see you all again next weekend to show off even more progress! Prob will have a gas pump by then.

Let me know what you think!