Gas Station WIP #10

Work In Progress / 17 February 2020

Hello again!

I am getting (a bit) better at posting more regularly again now that I am doing most of my work on the train commute to work. I would have posted this in time for the weekend but I wanted to get it baked so it pushed it back by a day.

Pretty happy with the stuff in this update, I feel it's really bringing more life into the scene, especially in a dynamic way. One of the main additions have been griming up the walls and floor of the gas station building so now it is a lot more on the level of everything else. It has made me realise that the yellow poles at the front are not grimey enough now so I will make sure to add that for next time for sure. One of the other things Is I added posters onto the windows to break them up a bit which I am very happy with how they look/fit in the scene.

Now one of the biggest additions is both a banner over one of the windows and wind effects ontop of that. I hope you like GIF's because I got three for you :P the banner waves, the canopy flaps and the grass sways in the breeze.

Now for the new pictures:

Right so that is it for this week, for next week as I said I will grime up the yellow posts more and most of all, I will finally do the thing I have been avoiding for months: making a car xD Boy is there few things I dislike more in this world then modelling vehicles for some reason, it might come from my general lack of interest in cars whatsoever haha Once I have done that I will have to have some serious thoughts about what else this scene will need at this point as I may actually be closing in on the end.

as always let me know any opinions you might have and I will see you next time!