Gas Station WIP #02

Work In Progress / 19 May 2019

Hey Everyone!

I am back once again to show the progress I have made so far. The main parts I have done so far is a lot of the main road and started on working on the trim sheet for the main gas station canopy. One thing I forgot to mention before is that this scene is actually using Real Time Ray-Tracing thanks to the driver update allowing me to use it on my 1080 GTX

Here is the main camera angle image as well as a secondary one I have made, though I'm still not sure which I like more at the moment.

I have added road stripes by using deferred decals so I could make sure they were detailed as well as having more control over them, including on the gas station itself as markers for the cars refuelling.

For the road I have used a vertex painted material with 3 materials plugged in, with main material is a wet road with puddles in it.

The second material to paint is a dry variation of the road so that I can put it under objects that are around the road that would shelter the floor form the rainfall like the gas station canopy and streetlights. This detail might be a little over the top but if you can't go all out in a portfolio piece, then when can you? haha

  The last material is a mud material the same as the areas around the road so that I could simulate some grime getting on the edges of the road as well as some splatters generally about the main road itself.

Here is the full result of the layers on the road around the gas station.

You can also see the curb there that I made a trim sheet for. It might be a bit excessive having a sheet for just the curb but I wanted to make sure there wasn't any real noticeable repetition so I made 3 strips of it that tile horizontally to make sure of it.

Last thing of all I have worked on making a Trim sheet for the Gas Station canopy that should work easily enough for the whole canopy to be made for next week. The white paint is there so I can mask and repaint it using material instances in Unreal. I might do some work on it before next time as it might not tile perfectly yet but we will see.

That is it for this week! I plan to continue to give a more detailed breakdown in future updates as well. Tune back next week when I should have the canopy done and textured!

Let me know what you think and see you all next week.