Shogun Challenge Extended #4

Work In Progress / 02 March 2019

Hey everyone!

I have managed to stick to my timing at getting this out on Saturdays now though it means a little less content this week.

This week I have added some snowy cliffs as well as a snowy landscape with some grass poking through in some areas. I am definitely not 100% on these elements i think but I feel I will probably come back to it later to refine it some more. For now the main goal for next weeks update will be getting the steps area done and finished along with finally starting the castle area. I think I will start from the walls and move on from there.

Well that's it for this week, please let me know if there is any feedback or criticism so far.

Catch you all next Saturday!

Shogun Challenge Extended #2

Work In Progress / 18 February 2019

Long time no post!

I got very busy over the Christmas period as did we all, though with the lack of posts until now it would be assumed that I have been lazy. This I assure you is anything but the truth! I have been working all January and some of February working on a side project which I unfortunately cannot fully disclose but be assured, I'm am looking forward to around April time to reveal what It is. For now I will give you all a little sneak peak:

Now that I have wrapped that up, it's onto the main attraction! Since finishing that I have moved back onto the Shogun Challenge that never was. I have spent the week working on some of the foreground elements as well as a good setup to vertex paint snow onto the scene and I am pretty pleased at the results.

There is still much more to do but I am pleased with the progress so far. By next week I plan to have the bridge and hopefully the area up to the building done. At this rate I don't think it will take long until its complete!

As always let me know any feedback or problems that you can find and see you all next week.


Shogun Challenge Extended #1

Work In Progress / 02 December 2018

Soooo turns out November has been a very busy time for me so unsurprisingly I have not managed to finish the challenge haha I have been working on this more anyway but not neeearly enough. I am pretty happy with how it's been going so far though so I'm not going to stop, if anything this has only really begun for me really. Progress will be slow until next year but looking forward to getting into this for real haha 

Unity Dungeon WIP 08

Work In Progress / 01 October 2018

Hey all! 

Not a huge update this time what with the late update last week but I have finished off the remaining white blocked elements so now everything has a texture on it. Only real thing left obviously unfinished is that the mine cart is empty. From here I've got to really think about what else I want to add to the scene now to give it more life. After being able to just work on the thing in front of me for a while, it's going to take a lot of thought now to think up some new elements that will really finish it off.

Unity Dungeon WIP 07

Work In Progress / 26 September 2018

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update, I felt like I just wanted to finish off more of the stone brick before posting but i need to get better at posting exactly at the weekend or I will end up only posting it when its done haha it's a bad habit.

For this update I have finally done the stone bricks! I am definitely happy with how this is shaping up, It's nice seeing the walls in a first pass. It's finally starting to look done. Next up ill polish a few things and start on finishing and adding some props.

Unity Dungeon WIP 06

Work In Progress / 16 September 2018

Hey everyone,

Back once again this week with some more progress. I honestly have been having a lot of fun with this since coming back to it. The break really made me consider better ways of going about this and its really paying off now I think with the quality. I also spent a few days adding more defined model detail into the big stone slabs, though i realise I need more variations so I will definitely come back to that.

My next target now is all the remaining walls and stairs will be stone bricks to mix up the natural stone with man-made architecture. I've already tested a few methods to get a good look but I think I have settled on what I'm going to do so nothing more to do then get sculpting!

Look forward to the next update and will see you all next week!


Unity Dungeon WIP 05

Work In Progress / 09 September 2018

pheeeew it has been waaaaay too long since my last update haha. First I was preparing to move house, then I was moving, then I was sorting out the new house, then I got lazy and then the new WoW expansion came out so I have been out of action for a while but boy is it good to be back!

I feel a part of the reason I was hesitant to return as well is that I wasn't very happy with the rock walls, it looked weird and blended everything together, So first thing I did was go back and redo all the walls I have done and then some. I am very happy with the new walls and got the workflow down nice and easy. I figured I will mix stone bricks with rock walls to vary up the stone and you will see more of this as it develops. 

I look forward to next weeks update where I will have even more to show!

Unity Dungeon WIP 04

Work In Progress / 22 May 2018
Hey everyone! Update time again. I have fleshed out the main door section now, definitely still need more in that area to not make it so empty but I might leave that to the final pass.

Unity Dungeon WIP 03

Work In Progress / 16 May 2018

Hey everyone! Late update this week. Starting slipping back into my old habit of "I'll make an update when I have a little more to show..." which leads me down to only showing updates when it's done haha

Started with getting more into Substance Painter as my experience with it before was a bit more limited. Really impressed with it and only took a day to really get to grips with it full now. Started by finalising and texturing a lot of the wood elements before moving onto the tiles. I realised that I was very scattered with the elements I was finishing so I have now resolved to focus on the area around the main door so at least one area seems more complete.

With the tiles it was nice to get into ZBrush and carve it up, I always really enjoy sculpting destroyed stone haha I made sure to add the cracks and such to the silhouette to really bring out the details more. I decided to do 4 modular tiles which I could replicate across the whole area 

  Here are some of the wood based models I did to start off the whole thing


Here I worked out the material for the chains that decorate a bunch of the dungeon. It's almost a shame you can't see them better from the high vantage point.

And here are some of the simple paving leading away from the main door. This one I might come back to.

Thanks for checking my update and I look forward to showing you more progress soon!


Unity Dungeon WIP 02

Work In Progress / 05 May 2018

Decided to do my update a little earlier this time as I think I can happily sat that I am done blocking out!

From here on out I will be going back and replacing parts with final models and materials. There's still a good chance I will add more models, props  and details along the way but feeling good about the progress. Looking forward to lots of dungeony goodness.