Unity Dungeon WIP 03

Work In Progress / 16 May 2018

Hey everyone! Late update this week. Starting slipping back into my old habit of "I'll make an update when I have a little more to show..." which leads me down to only showing updates when it's done haha

Started with getting more into Substance Painter as my experience with it before was a bit more limited. Really impressed with it and only took a day to really get to grips with it full now. Started by finalising and texturing a lot of the wood elements before moving onto the tiles. I realised that I was very scattered with the elements I was finishing so I have now resolved to focus on the area around the main door so at least one area seems more complete.

With the tiles it was nice to get into ZBrush and carve it up, I always really enjoy sculpting destroyed stone haha I made sure to add the cracks and such to the silhouette to really bring out the details more. I decided to do 4 modular tiles which I could replicate across the whole area 

  Here are some of the wood based models I did to start off the whole thing


Here I worked out the material for the chains that decorate a bunch of the dungeon. It's almost a shame you can't see them better from the high vantage point.

And here are some of the simple paving leading away from the main door. This one I might come back to.

Thanks for checking my update and I look forward to showing you more progress soon!