Gas Station WIP #05

Work In Progress / 30 June 2019

Hey Everyone!

I am just getting worse and worse at getting this out every week haha though to be fair I have been a very busy boy lately because I finally got a job in the game industry! Will be starting at Firesprite in just a couple of weeks so I am very excited :D

Any who onto the changes in the Gas Station:

as you can see I have tweaked the lighting again making it brighter. I keep struggling between feeling the scene is better darker or lighter. Lighter is less creepy but more clear and darker is the opposite. I think in reality visually recognising scenery matters more overall but it's something I think I will continue to struggle with further haha Please if anyone has some thoughts about this then please let me know.

Apart from this the main things you should be able to notice that is different is that there are finally proper chain fences around the area. For this I just created the body out of the trim textures and made two tiling textures. One is the typical loop style metal fencing and a barb wire strip for the top

 The other main thing as you can see is that I finally replaced those hideous placeholder greyblock trees with some actual trees. To be honest this was my first time with speedtree as I always made life harder on myself by manually modelling them but now I can see the appeal of speedtree and it's... well speed. I am definitely not 100% happy with it at the moment but it's a good start and a first pass to see the scene properly.

Well that is my progress so, I think the next thing I will tackle is the actual gas station building itself finally. This will prob take a bit but it's definitely the last major area still unfinished. After that I will prob finish the gas sign and price sign. From there it's adding details such as props with traffic cones, spare tires and touches like grass, cracks, grime, posters. Still got a bit to go but in reality not as much as I would expect.

See you guys next time and don't forget to tell me any comments or feedback!