Gas Station WIP #06

Work In Progress / 07 July 2019

Hi everyone!

Actually managed to get an update after just a week this time finally. Been hard at work on the actual building of the gas station.


As you can see I have created most of the shell for the building itself. It's a little too clean as it is now but I plan to go in with some decals to grunge it up a bit more. Decided to extend the windows down to the ground to make the trim make more sense but I am definitely glad I did because it meant I could add adverts on the bottom, which I feel add a lot of nice detail. Definitely happy with the broken glass helping to sell that this place has been abandoned though the refraction sometimes gets a little crazy so I will have to look into that. I am glad to have added the blinds so that they could block the most of the windows without it looking weird, If anything I think they only increase the creepy factor. Oh also you may have notice that I got rid of the big backboard to the sign, I felt it would prob look better if it was just a free standing sign now.



Main plan on what to work on next is create the main door, going to add some caution/warning tape over some of the building I think. Will be interested to see how that looks. Will be adding some ventalation stuff on the roof as well as adding the actual struts to the sign holding it up. Prob work on adding some of the grunge through decals then finally getting those last signs done. After that and from there it's mainly details like props and polishing so actually starting to get there.

Right well thats all for this week! Let me know what you think and anything you think can be improved