Shogun Challenge Extended #5

Work In Progress / 17 March 2019

Hey Everyone!

So you may have noticed that it's been 2 weeks since my last update and the reason for that is got very sick this week unfortunately. On the plus side I am on the mend now and have got back to work!

Since the last update I have finished the stairs, messed around with the sky some more, as well as work and then rework the stone leading up to the walls. At first I went more for an organised brick layout but when i checked my references I noticed that these kind of castles typically have a more disorganised style to the brick so I went back and redid it. That's what you get for not checking references haha

Speaking of references I finally downloaded pureref so I could organise my references instead of just having folders and I am definitely happy I have done so. Here is a peek at my moodboard