Unity Dungeon WIP 01

Work In Progress / 30 April 2018

Hello everyone!

I was ill last weekend so I didn't update but over this last weekend I have been back to work.

As you may notice this is not a Japanese Izakaya and this is because I thought what was best is to show diversity by making a Unity project as well as Unreal ones so I though whats better then a dungeon! For this I have decided to use this concept art by Aras Jamal, Though as you can tell I'll be making some changes along the way.

I haven't used Unity in a few years and definitely a lot of things have changed for the better! I think my heart still belongs to Unreal but I am having a blast so far working on this, it's honestly hard to stop! Luckily everything I have learnt with Unreal the last few years transfers pretty easily to Unity so far so it's been an easy process.

Now onto the reason your here, the art! So far all I have done is block details in to get a lighting idea and layout down. I definitely feel like it's coming together already. I think by the end of this week I will definitely have it all blocked out, ready to replace with final assets.