Shogun Challenge Extended #8

Work In Progress / 06 April 2019

Hey Everyone!

Feel like a big update this time, finished off the second building  is finished. I changed the brightness of the sky that was too light as well as changing the lighting overall for the main castle. The main castle balcony lights are bigger and brighter, there is snow at the ends of roofs as well as on some of the wood beams as well as changing the snow distribution currently on some elements already done, added more grime to the plaster walls to make them less pure white.

One of the last main things I have done is added some cherry blossom trees. I have very very little experience making tree's so I am happy with how they came out but at the same time I am having problems with the leaves being way way too dark. I have boosted the brightness of the textures to brighten it as well as have a light pointing at them to try and help too boost them. I have SS material on the leaves as well as edited to the normals but it hasn't helped too much. I will have to play around with some stuff and figure it out.

I think with luck, next weeks update shall be my last! Mainly just need to do the mountains really though I have no real experience in that field either so It might take a bit to get it all right. From there it's just making some other camera angles and a animation I think. Last big push!

I hope you enjoyed my update, let me know what you think with any crits or problems and I will see you next week!