Shogun Challenge Extended #8

Work In Progress / 06 April 2019

Hey Everyone!

Feel like a big update this time, finished off the second building  is finished. I changed the brightness of the sky that was too light as well as changing the lighting overall for the main castle. The main castle balcony lights are bigger and brighter, there is snow at the ends of roofs as well as on some of the wood beams as well as changing the snow distribution currently on some elements already done, added more grime to the plaster walls to make them less pure white.

One of the last main things I have done is added some cherry blossom trees. I have very very little experience making tree's so I am happy with how they came out but at the same time I am having problems with the leaves being way way too dark. I have boosted the brightness of the textures to brighten it as well as have a light pointing at them to try and help too boost them. I have SS material on the leaves as well as edited to the normals but it hasn't helped too much. I will have to play around with some stuff and figure it out.

I think with luck, next weeks update shall be my last! Mainly just need to do the mountains really though I have no real experience in that field either so It might take a bit to get it all right. From there it's just making some other camera angles and a animation I think. Last big push!

I hope you enjoyed my update, let me know what you think with any crits or problems and I will see you next week!

Shogun Challenge Extended #7

Work In Progress / 31 March 2019

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I was pretty ill but I have had a lot of progress this week, so much so that I think I am fast approaching the end.

So as you can see I have made pretty much all of the main castle and I have started working on the second one. Mainly I need to finish of the second building roof as next priority. I have tried to make some kind of interior for second castle but I'm not so sure about it so I might go back on this. After this I want to make a couple of cherry blossom trees for behind the wall and then the mountains in the distance. After that I think its about done! 

I plan to create some extra camera angles at that point and an animation before calling it done. Might go back and improve on some stuff as well.

Well that's all for this week, stay tuned for next week as It might be the last!

let me know any comments or improvements to be made

Shogun Challenge Extended #6

Work In Progress / 23 March 2019

Hey Everyone!

So this week I have worked on the roof for the main wall as well as start the front of the main castle.

I am pretty happy with the roof and how it's come out, I'm terrified of doing the major roof because of its weird forms but I am also looking forward to getting it done. I am very happy with the metal details on the front of the wood beams of the entrance, I feel it creates a nice contrast with the red wood . Also It is nice to make something that isn't just stone or snow at this point haha

Next up I will be doing the big doors and then working upwards until I finish all of the castle. I think prob by next week I feel like I will at least be up to the roof at least.

Well that's all for this week, Looking forward to working on more for next week already.

See you next week! Let me know any comments or criticism that you have. 

Shogun Challenge Extended #5

Work In Progress / 17 March 2019

Hey Everyone!

So you may have noticed that it's been 2 weeks since my last update and the reason for that is got very sick this week unfortunately. On the plus side I am on the mend now and have got back to work!

Since the last update I have finished the stairs, messed around with the sky some more, as well as work and then rework the stone leading up to the walls. At first I went more for an organised brick layout but when i checked my references I noticed that these kind of castles typically have a more disorganised style to the brick so I went back and redid it. That's what you get for not checking references haha

Speaking of references I finally downloaded pureref so I could organise my references instead of just having folders and I am definitely happy I have done so. Here is a peek at my moodboard

Shogun Challenge Extended #4

Work In Progress / 02 March 2019

Hey everyone!

I have managed to stick to my timing at getting this out on Saturdays now though it means a little less content this week.

This week I have added some snowy cliffs as well as a snowy landscape with some grass poking through in some areas. I am definitely not 100% on these elements i think but I feel I will probably come back to it later to refine it some more. For now the main goal for next weeks update will be getting the steps area done and finished along with finally starting the castle area. I think I will start from the walls and move on from there.

Well that's it for this week, please let me know if there is any feedback or criticism so far.

Catch you all next Saturday!

Shogun Challenge Extended #3

General / 25 February 2019

Hey everyone!

had a good week this week and I did some other work on the side and still got a bunch done so I am definitely pretty proud haha

I have got the bride done for now, I am happy with it for the moment. The snow looks good vertex painted on and it fits with the rest of the scene so far. Apart from that, the main changes are i blocked out more of the background currently. I am not that sure on the sky to be honest but its a step in the right direction at least.

Next port of call will be the cliffs in the front. I've been testing out a couple of methods and I think I am on tracks. Here to getting this done by the end of march!

 So that's the main update this week. I think I'm going to start enforcing a day for these instead of "around the weekend" which it now is. It's difficult because I do a large amount of the work at the weekend but I think Saturday is the best day as it is #screenshotsaturday after all haha

As always let me know any questions or feedback you can give, always happy to know how to improve! 

Until next week!

Shogun Challenge Extended #2

Work In Progress / 18 February 2019

Long time no post!

I got very busy over the Christmas period as did we all, though with the lack of posts until now it would be assumed that I have been lazy. This I assure you is anything but the truth! I have been working all January and some of February working on a side project which I unfortunately cannot fully disclose but be assured, I'm am looking forward to around April time to reveal what It is. For now I will give you all a little sneak peak:

Now that I have wrapped that up, it's onto the main attraction! Since finishing that I have moved back onto the Shogun Challenge that never was. I have spent the week working on some of the foreground elements as well as a good setup to vertex paint snow onto the scene and I am pretty pleased at the results.

There is still much more to do but I am pleased with the progress so far. By next week I plan to have the bridge and hopefully the area up to the building done. At this rate I don't think it will take long until its complete!

As always let me know any feedback or problems that you can find and see you all next week.


Shogun Challenge Extended #1

Work In Progress / 02 December 2018

Soooo turns out November has been a very busy time for me so unsurprisingly I have not managed to finish the challenge haha I have been working on this more anyway but not neeearly enough. I am pretty happy with how it's been going so far though so I'm not going to stop, if anything this has only really begun for me really. Progress will be slow until next year but looking forward to getting into this for real haha 

Unity Dungeon WIP 08

Work In Progress / 01 October 2018

Hey all! 

Not a huge update this time what with the late update last week but I have finished off the remaining white blocked elements so now everything has a texture on it. Only real thing left obviously unfinished is that the mine cart is empty. From here I've got to really think about what else I want to add to the scene now to give it more life. After being able to just work on the thing in front of me for a while, it's going to take a lot of thought now to think up some new elements that will really finish it off.

Unity Dungeon WIP 07

Work In Progress / 26 September 2018

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update, I felt like I just wanted to finish off more of the stone brick before posting but i need to get better at posting exactly at the weekend or I will end up only posting it when its done haha it's a bad habit.

For this update I have finally done the stone bricks! I am definitely happy with how this is shaping up, It's nice seeing the walls in a first pass. It's finally starting to look done. Next up ill polish a few things and start on finishing and adding some props.